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International News

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Aldous Huxley's Brave New World

To go deeper into Huxley's Brave New World, click here

Video Summary on Brave New World

Grammar Activites

Explanation and exercises on Relative Clauses

Exercises on Relative Clauses

More exercises on Relative Clauses

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History about Nike

The First iMac Introduction

Learn Etiquette before visiting Britain

What Makes a Perfect Gentleman?

Teaching Etiquette and Manners in School: William Hanson talks to BBC

Amy Winehouse: what really happened 2008

Britain's got talent: Susan Boyle

Dire Straits: Wild West End

"Highway Patrolman" by Bruce Springsteen Live

"Highway Patrolman" by Bruce Springsteen Official Video

"Cat's in the Cradle" by Harry Chapin

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English Dictionaries

For Collins Reverse English-Spanish, click here

For the Free Dictionary, click here

For Macmillan Dictionary, click here

For Merriam-Webster Dictionary, click here

For Cambridge Dictionary, click here

Learn more about British and American English

British vs American English Pronunciation (consonants)

British vs American English Pronunciation (vowel sounds)

For British and American English vocabulary, click here.

Comparison of British and American English

Differences between British and American English

Unit 3: Go for it

Daniel Goleman introduces Emotional Intelligence

Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

To go deeper into Shelley's novel, click here

And to learn more about Shelley's life, influences in the novel, Prometheus, etc. click here

What about science and medicine in the 19th century? To find out, click here

Do you feel like watching a video with some interesting comments on Shelley's Frankenstein? Just click here

And to watch a video lesson on the novel, click here

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Video on UK Culture: Christmas Scene1

Video on UK Culture: Christmas Scene2

Video on UK Culture: Christmas Shopping

Video on UK Culture: Northern Ireland

Piers Morgan on Dubai

Dubai's dirty little secret ABC News

Dubai's dirty little secret ABC News Home Page


For Tom Waits' biography and songs, click here

"Christmas card from a hooker in Minneapolis" Tom Waits

"Silent Night+Cristmas card from a hooker in Minneapolis" Tom Waits

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20 Questions Passive Slideshare


Learn English Vocabulary: Weather and natural disasters

Inside, Below, and Above the Crown Fountain. Jaume Plensa

A Giant Head Emerges from the Ocean in Rio de Janeiro. Jaume Plensa

"Dream" St Helens. Jaume Plensa Talks about this Piece of Art

Banksy Does New York

Video on UK Culture: Sherlock Holmes

Proves Diagnostiques 4t ESO.17-18

Proves Diagnostiques 4t ESO.16-17

Proves Diagnostiques 4t ESO.15-16

Proves Diagnostiques 4t ESO.14-15

Proves Diagnostiques 4t ESO.13-14

4th Year Eso: Half-group Classes

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Learn English Teens: The Surprise Party. Third Conditional

Video on Potential and kinetic Energy

Potential and Kinetic Energy (clip)

The Story of Kinetic and Potential Energy

Can our Footsteps power cities?

Pavegen: Generating Energy from Footsteps in a Busy School

How Walking on the Streets Converts to Electricity

Video on UK Culture: Seaside Entertainment

Video on UK Culture: Food in Britain

Video on UK Culture: Animals in Britain


Hero by Mariah Carey

"The Golden State" by City and Colour I

"The Golden State" by City and Colour II

"All I want for Christmas is you" Mariah Carey

"All I want for Xmas is you" Love Actually

"All I want for Xmas is you" M.Carey and Justin Bieber

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Irish Culture

"Molly Malone" by The Dubliners

"Molly Malone" by Sinead O'Connor

"Molly Malone" The Dubliners with lyrics

Molly Malone Wikipedia

"The Wild Rover" by The Dubliners Lyrics

Traditional Irish Dancers

Riverdance "Thunderstorm"

Celtic Spirit and Riverdance

It's Christmas!

Word on the Street: Christmas Scene 1

Christmas Scene 1: Language Focus

Word on the street: Christmas Scene 2

3rd Eso: Half-group Classes

Oral Presentations




2nd Year ESO Let's Practice your Listening Skills!

British Council Learn English Teens: Listening Skills Practice Different Levels

British Council: Elementary Podcasts and activites

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What's the Weather like?

The Weather Forecast 2nd Eso: Half-group Classes


Resources Student's book Mosaic 2





1st Year ESO Resources Student's Book Mosaic 1







1st Eso: Half-group Classes





"Wonderful World" Sam Cooke

"Wonderful World" Remastered Sam Cooke

"Wonderful World" Lyrics Sam Cooke

Torn by Natalie Imbruglia

"Always On My Mind" by Elvis Presley

"White Christmas" by Taylor Swift

"White Christmas" with Lyrics by Taylor Swift

"White Christmas" by Dean Martin

"White Christmas" by Michael Buble

"Let it Snow" by Dean Martin

"Let it Snow" by Ella Fitzgerald

"Let it Snow" Disney Animation with lyrics