Do you need some revision of the comparative and the superlative? Regular Comparatives and Superlatives Quiz The Grammar Aquarium Lesson 12: Comparatives and superlatives

Some exercises on the comparative and the superlative. You never know… comparative form superlative form mixed

Or you can also review the uses of the adjective: Adjective order Crossword on adjectives Quiz on the horoscope Adjective endings (printable) Mistakes (printable)

Exercises on the past: Beware! some deal with the past simple and the past continuous! Like this one, for example exercises 1 (very easy!) Another easy exercise. A bit of explanation... and a lot of practise! Just pick and try...

Preparing the future sometimes means looking at the past. At the past simple, of course. Revision and some exercises Word order New Year's Eve (to revise the past simple form) Correcting mistakes Past Simple ending pronunciation Fill in the gaps